Augmented Reality for Field Services: Diagnose by Commusoft

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Remote service work has changed and the safety of your customers and staff is more important than ever. Fortunately, you can turn to tech for a solution...

For all of us right now, it's not an under statement to say that it's a challenging time. No matter the industry, profession, or situation we find ourselves in, the way we work, interact, and spend time in our day-to-day lives has changed.

However, this also means that even though everyone's affected, we're all united to work together, collaborate, and focus on the goal of getting through this by helping one another as best we can. 

Whether it's adapting to communicate remotely online, or looking to forge new partnerships that can help our businesses continue to be productive! It's been great to see all sorts of fantastic advice and help going around, which is why we wanted to provide some of our own guidance in this week's post.

We've also got a fantastic new feature to highlight, as well...

Intrigued? Let's take a look:

Turning to Technology

The way your business works has obviously had to change, but—whether it's plumbing, electrical, or gas work—it means you'll be looking for solutions that let you, your staff, and your customers all interact as safely as possible, all whilst getting jobs done.

I'm sure you've had cases where an engineer has gone to a call out, only to find a boiler simply needed resetting, a fuse may have tripped, or a pipe just needed tightening. Of course, you still have to charge your customer, but they might not be happy about paying a premium for a quick fix they could have tended to themselves.

Similarly, your engineers may not want to spend their time or energy on the overly straightforward stuff, not when there might be more pressing jobs to tend to instead.

For the current climate, it's also a matter of safety. If a visit to your customer's home can be avoided because a fix can be achieved without having to physically interact, then surely that's a win for everyone?

So, what can you do?

To put it simply: you can turn to technology and, in particular, the device in your hand!

A phone call, email, or checking a few photos from your customer are simple enough, but you can step it up a notch (and then some) with some advanced innovations...

You might have seen how you can turn a phone in to a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, but have you considered Augmented Reality (AR)?

diagnose highlight circleThrough AR, you can draw images on the screen (i.e. to highlight a particular button they might need to press) that you and your customer can see and share through a live-streamed video. Through AR, then, your engineers can guide customers without having to be in the same room.

With your phone's processing power, combined with some awesome software know-how, your every-day device can be turned in to a tool that empowers customers with quick tips, advice, and professional guidance they can really use!

By tending to a job remotely, it's a great way to solve simple problems and:
  • Demonstrate quality customer care
  • Build loyal customer relationships
  • Establish trust
  • Save time, money, and limit inconvenience
  • Win more business down-the-line
  • Keep people safe

With these benefits, and others that can be gained, AR is certainly worth looking in to. While we've spoken before about the difficulties of running your business remotely, if you missed it, you'll want to check out the post for Tools, Tips and Guidance to help you out. However, building on from what we've just learnt, carry on reading to discover how Commusoft can help you to support your customers through AR, below...

Diagnose by Commusoft

Developed for use on the iPhone and/or iPad (with Android on the way), Diagnose by Commusoft is a new tool, specially designed to enhance the way your engineers and customers interact.

With Diagnose, you can work with your customers and assist them with simple checks and user-friendly fixes, all thanks to our Augmented Reality (AR) feature. If it becomes obvious through use of the AR tool that an engineer should be on-site, then it's a great opportunity to safely gain insight before sending in a professional.diagnose iOS preview

Whether your field service company is for plumbing, electrical, or gas works: when you're connected online through Diagnose, you can use the software to remotely support customers, with ease.

Key features of Diagnose by Commusoft include:

  • Share live video and audio to show the expert the fault or issue
  • Experts can draw and affix 3D markers over the video to highlight specific areas
  • See who you are speaking to as they provide assistance

With Diagnose, you can provide expert advice on an issue in the customer's property without requiring a visit from a professional. This can help you diagnose issues faster, determine if a visit is required, and reduce human contact when necessary.

During the current climate, this feature that can be put to great use to not only keep customers and engineers safe, but ensure no one is missing out from simple, but essential work that may need to be carried out. Learn more about Diagnose by clicking below:

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The Takeaway

Making the most of the tech and online tools that are available to you and your customers is a great way to not only build trust, but help them out in a particularly tricky time.

That said, these tools are fantastic no matter the situation and there are a host of other digital options available to your business that can help you to improve the efficiency, productivity and even profitability of your services. 

With that in mind, you might want to investigate Customer Portals, which are fantastic if you're focused on delivering quality customer journeys, consistently. If you'd like to know more, then check out our infographic, which you can download by clicking here!

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