5 Reasons to Automate Digital Marketing in Your Service Business

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Digital marketing continues to grow and become a key part of businesses, and the field service industry is no exception. With so many people now online, you can take advantage of different tools to make digital marketing easier and more convenient.

While you could try and manage digital marketing on your own, as a busy manager, you may not get the most out of it.

Automated software makes digital marketing considerably easier for field services. While you could manage your products and messages on your own, automated marketing will allow you to focus on other parts of your business. If you don’t currently automate your digital marketing, then here are five reasons why you should:

  1. Manage Confirmations, Appointments, and Messages
  2. Gain More Reviews
  3. Save Money
  4. Use Automated Workflows
  5. Focus on the Customer Journey

1. Manage Confirmations, Appointments, and Messages

Remember that you need to communicate with your clients by keeping them updated and informed about appointments and confirmations. It would be difficult to send all of your clients messages on your own, so automated marketing makes this process easier. As you automate SMS marketing and emails, you can quickly send information to customers. 

text message statistics


While you have different messaging platforms that you can use for your business, you will get faster responses through SMS marketing. These statistics show that 9-out-of-10 clients will open texts from you and you will also get much higher engagement rates. If you automate your SMS messages, then you can send them immediately to keep clients informed.

You can use automated marketing to send your clients time sensitive information. Here are a few examples:

  • Ask them to confirm appointments
  • Remind them about invoices
  • Send updates about their products and delivery

You can also use email and social media to automatically send information to your customers. This all depends on which platform will work for your situation.

Pair this tool with your customer relationship management software, and you can even automate notifications to specific actions, such as an engineer being on their way or a specific service window

2. Gain More Reviews

You can take advantage of automated marketing to increase the number of reviews about your company. This doesn’t mean that you have your software write or post reviews, but you can automatically invite clients and customers to post their own reviews. This way, people will see that others like your business.

Using automation for reviews will help your business in few different ways:

  • Save your staff time
  • Prevent human error from affecting reviews
  • Send out more review requests

When your admin team works with people all day, they don’t want to sit even longer at the computer and email each to ask them to post reviews. On top of this, you may face human errors when people send out these review requests. By having an automated software do it, you can send review invites to your customers immediately and with little to no error.

Oftentimes, getting more reviews is a matter of asking so, by sending invites to more customers, you increase the odds of them posting significantly. 

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3. Save Money

Businesses need to make money and find ways to save it if they want to grow and succeed. Companies always add new technology and tools to improve their businesses and make more money. Automated marketing will allow you to focus your efforts on other parts of your business while it helps you save in others and increase sales.

marketing automation benefits statistics


For example, you can get nearly 60% more opportunities to up-sell through automated marketing. Field service companies also increase their revenue by nearly one-third, so you have more opportunities to make money through this software which will cover the initial investment. It accomplishes this by handling many aspects of your business, such as:

  • Sending updates to clients
  • Automatically placing clients into a schedule
  • Providing chat bots to handle clients’ issues or complaints

By taking advantage of automated software, you can save money and have it handle different parts of your business like your customer database, payments, and more.

While you can’t ignore those parts of your business, you can use this software to take care of it for you. This will make things easier and more cost effective for your business.

4. Use Automated Workflows

Figuring out who you need to send messages to, when they should receive those messages, and the best platform to use can become difficult. Luckily, you can set up automated workflows to send messages to your clients.

In short, if your clients meet certain requirements, your automated software will send them targeted messages.

Let’s look at an example of an automated workflow:

  • Your client schedules a time for one of your workers to come by and fix something.
  • The software schedules that appointment.
  • Your client receives an email confirmation for the appointment.
  • 24 hours before the appointment, your client receives a text message confirming the appointment.
  • Your client responds “no” because something came up.
  • The software removes that appointment from the schedule.
  • Your worker doesn’t have to travel to the appointment just to find out it is cancelled.

By setting up workflows like this, you can send important messages to clients and send them key reminders. Look into your digital marketing software and see what workflows you can create.

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5. Focus on the Customer Journey

Businesses must focus on the customer and make their experience as smooth as possible. To do this, you need to consider the customer’s journey: this means that your leads go through steps to become customers.

customer journey scheme


The customer’s journey involves five steps: awareness, findability, reputation, conversion, and advocacy. You can use automated software to help your customers through all five steps of the process.

  • Awareness: Sending targeted ads and information to customers.
  • Findability: Making it easy for customers to subscribe to your channels and find more information about your business.
  • Reputation: Sending them key information about your business while showing its quality.
  • Conversion: Inviting them to make purchases, set up appointments, or interact with your business.
  • Advocacy: Continuing to send them deals and targeted information to give them positive experiences.

Your customers need to find out about your business, make a purchase, and form positive opinions to become returning customers. When you use automated software, you can send deals, recommended purchases, and other important details to help them through this journey.

The Takeaway

When you take advantage of automated software to strengthen your digital marketing, you can improve the experience for your customers. This way, your business can continue to improve itself through digital marketing so that you can get your field services to others. Look into automating your digital marketing so that you can enjoy these benefits.

So, whether you’re in plumbing, heating, security, HVAC, or another type of field service: can you really afford to not be using automated marketing?

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