Cristina Maria

Cristina Maria
Cristina is a Marketing Executive focused on delivering the most useful news, tips, and updates to Commusoft's clients. She loves the Oxford comma, drinks a lot of coffee, and is very much into heavy metal (no joke).
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Domestic Smart Building – Home Automation and its Benefits

Smart building is the phrase you need to know these days. You might be thinking “Why? My business doesn’t deal...

Top 6 Myths About Field Service Companies Investing in New Tech

You purchase an app and then have to deal with daily pop-ups reminding you to update. You spend big bucks on a new...

Why Job Management Software Training is Good for Your Business

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Are wearables and IoT the future of field service companies?

Wearable technology like smart watches, glasses, and virtual reality will have a significant impact on the field...

6 Common Problems Field Service Companies Have (and how to solve them)

Any company that sends out employees to meet with customer needs to focus on excellent customer service. 

5 Tools Every Plumbing and Gas Business Should Be Using

Software tools can dramatically improve the way you communicate. But which are the best ones for you?

5 Steps to Go Paperless in 24 Hours

You’ve probably heard of the “paperless office”: a work environment where the use of paper is eliminated or...

Buying job management software? About to make one of these mistakes?

For field service companies like you, competing in an increasingly congested marketplace, any tool that can...

10 ways to get more online reviews for your trade company

The last time you bought something online, did you receive an email a few days later asking you to review your...

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