7 Steps to Convert more Quotes into Jobs

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When you’ve done all the hard work of marketing your business and you have the opportunity to send out a quote to a potential customer, the last thing you want to do is lose the sale at the very last hurdle.

If you know you will convert most of your quotes into actual paying jobs, then you’re in a really good place, and you may well not need this article, but if you find that most of your quotes don’t convert at all, it’s definitely time for a rethink.

You need to look at each step of your internal process and find out where you are losing your prospects before you can correct the problem and start bringing more of your quotes to a successful conclusion.

There are three phases in the customer journey, from knowing they have a problem, to hiring you in particular rather any other company.

1. The awareness stage: Do you help customers to identify their problems?

Your customer knows they have a leaky pipe, a gas leak, or a boiler that isn’t doing what it should, and your customer service or support is perfectly positioned at this point to reassure the customer, give a professional impression, and talk the customer through what is wrong and what needs to happen.

Having a system in place to gather customer data, including previous repairs they’ve had, can also give you an edge at this point. Your customer support team can then look up this information and show the customer that they understand the repair history and that your company help. Which leads nicely to Phase 2.

 2. The decision stage: Can you solve your customer’s problems? 

With such an impressive knowledge of your customer's previous data, when they ring up with a problem, you’re much more likely to convince them that you know what you’re doing and can definitely help. This especially applies if your team can remind them that you’ve already carried out a successful repair and done a good job.

3. The buying stage: Why would they choose you? Are you trustworthy? Do you have a better price? 

By this stage, you’ve almost got the job in the bag. If your potential customer hasn’t used you before, then this is where your professionalism, your systems and the impression your team has created so far are crucial in moving the customer over into buying mode.

If you have the systems in place to quickly identify the closest available engineer and dispatch them to the customer while they are on the phone, you are far more likely to land the job than if you have to keep the customer waiting while you shuffle paperwork and make multiple calls to find out where your engineers are.

The quicker and smoother the buying process is, the more chance you have of getting that customer to move through it, and make the purchase.

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Looking at your work process can also bring insights that can help you with your quote success rate:

Step 1: How can customers find you?

Obviously, raising awareness of your business and bringing in clients is down to your marketing plan for the most part. However, a system that has a detailed and easy-to-search client database can help you provide excellent customer care that your customers want to rave about, leading to effective word-of-mouth marketing, and the chance to put more quotes in front of more people.

Step 2: How do you manage your client database?

Your client database can be one of the most useful tools you have, and even better if it integrates with the rest of your system. A good system can have customer information instantly available at your fingertips, allowing you to see what jobs have been completed before, and plan for what needs doing now.

With a system like Commusoft, the database could do an awful lot more for your business, with the ability to add estate agents and landlords that you work with regularly, and link tenants to landlords to give a full picture and make life a whole lot easier.

If you perform regular services or gas safety checks, the system can also send automatic reminders to customers, getting them to come to you for a quote, with a much higher chance that you’ll win the job.

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Step 3: How do you schedule and dispatch jobs to your engineers?

The more steps you have to take to schedule jobs and dispatch your engineers, the more time your customers have to wait, and the less likely they are to be delighted with your work.

If a customer has a water leak or a gas leak, they need an engineer now, and if you can’t provide that, they will go elsewhere. Scheduling and dispatching may not get you directly to giving a quote, but you can count on the fact that if there’s a problem with them, your potential customers will vote with their feet before you ever get near a quote.

A smoothly operating system that quickly finds the nearest available qualified engineer will do wonders for your customer’s impression of you.

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Step 4: How do you send estimates?

If you’re still doing quotes and estimates on Word or on a spreadsheet, you could be losing valuable time that your competitors will take advantage of. The quicker you can get a quote to your customer, the more chance you will get the job. A system that allows you to issue a quote on the spot and get it signed off there and then will be a clear winner when it comes to converting that quote into a job.

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Step 5: What do you do before going onsite? Email? Send a text message?

It’s a good idea to contact your customer and tell them that their engineer is on the way. It’s polite, it’s professional, and customers like to know where they are up to and when their problem is going to be fixed. It’s all about that great impression you want to create.

While it doesn’t take a great deal of time to write an email or send a text, you can save time by using a system that will let you send confirmations with the click of a button.


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Step 6: On-site: Listen to your customers, be clear and provide advice and solutions

This one really doesn’t need an explanation. It should be standard operating procedure to take the time to hear what your customer is saying and to explain what the problem is and what you have done to fix it. No system can replace that vital human interaction and the building of great relationships.

Step 7: Follow-up (attach testimonials, examples of your work, videos and reviews)

The best thing you can do to market your business is to get social proof, such as testimonials from delighted customers. You’ll have far more chance of people coming to you and asking for quotes if you have great testimonials to show that you do an excellent job.

When you’re busy, following up and taking the time to ask for a testimonial can often be the last thing on your mind, but that’s where having a great system can reap dividends.

If your customer can fill in a quick and easy feedback comment there and then once the job is complete, that gets sent automatically to your system, you’ll find you collect far more testimonials for that all-important social proof.

While not all of those steps are directly related to providing a quote, every part of your business needs to work seamlessly and efficiently in order to provide the most professional service possible, and it’s that high-quality service that your potential customers will see when you do provide a quote.

There’s so much to coordinate, from providing excellent and professional quotes and getting the job done, to finalising the paperwork and issuing your invoice. It can feel like you need to be everywhere at once, which isn’t the ideal way to run your business.

The best answer is to use a solution which synchronises every step, helping you converting more quotes into jobs and provide outstanding service.

The Takeaway

Commusoft is a job management software that solves each step of the process. It helps you to avoid paperwork, increase your productivity and centralise and synchronise all of your business information.

If you’d like to take your business to the next level and improve everything you do, from your quote to your service, then why not watch our demo to see how we can help?

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